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I was browsing around the internet today and found a review that someone wrote linking to The Break Up Cure

I decided to post it here for you to see what a successful review looks like

Please do not use it exactly as it is worded here because then it would not be unique content.

However, this is a great one to model as it does a great job of building trust with the reader and pre-selling the product

Start of Article

I recently had a break-up with a girl I was with for 2 years. I acted all pathetic and desperate after the breakup. It hurt extra bad because she was seeing some other dude after just 3 weeks after the break-up.

Now, I knew my reaction isn’t the way to go. I think we’ve all been there: texting how everything will change if we just come back together, texting all the good moments to her, saying you are literally devestated and crying all day, .. I sent all these things to her. Immature and needy.

I thought “fuck this shit”. I wanted to learn how to control my emotions for good this time. Nobody learns you how to deal with a break-up when you grow up. So I started watching videos online etc. Those videos don’t guarantee she will ever come back, but what it does do is give you some tools to say and do WHICH IS BEST IN A BREAK-UP SITUATION. It just feels good knowing you made the right move and you did everything you could.

So I stumbled upon this guy named Kevin… (He’s also known as “The Breakup Doctor”)

I watched his free video here (so anyone in pain because of a breakup, I really recommend to check out this vid) => How to Get Your Ex Back and What To Do If It’s Too Late! Link to (http://CBAFFID.breakupdoc.hop.clickbank.net
(replace CBAFFID with your Clickbank ID))

To summarize the video:

– Never depend on other people to make you happy.

– The person you’re with should add to your hapiness… not define it

– Expectations make us miserable.

– You’ll be dissapointed when trying to contact them.

– Desire and attachment are the root of all suffering.

– It’s not about what you say, it’s about who you are (after the break-up).

Best thing to do when she break up with you, just say “okay, I also think it’s better we split.” .. Just that, in a calm/cool manner.

It was just a free vid, but it felt so good hearing all this. And now I’m a bit hooked on this shit. I will never be able to never ever feel pain again, that’s impossible. But I’d love to learn more on how to deal with this stuff .. Because I start to act all panicky, what should I do, etc. when a girl dumps me.

Everytime I think about my ex and I get that weird feeling in my stomach, I just think: don’t rely on her for your own happiness .. And it really helps to ease the pain. It just makes you feel more mature and in control.

There’s also a lot of other great advice in his program “The Breakup Cure”

I got it after I got dumped by my ex and found it incredibly helpful in coping with the break up and handling the situation with them.

There were tons of great advice on what to do, what to say, etc.

If you’re in pain because of a breakup, I would really recommend checking out his video.

Here’s the link:

How to Get Your Ex Back and What To Do If It’s Too Late! (Link to: http://CBAFFID.breakupdoc.hop.clickbank.net
(replace CBAFFID with your Clickbank ID))