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the-break-up-doctor-kevin-smallerDear Future Partner,

First off, I want to thank you for stopping by this page.

In all sincerity, I truly appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me,
The Breakup Cure program and the opportunity to become a valued JV partner.

This is a product that I’ve poured my heart and soul into.

It’s Also a Product I’ve Invested Over $250,000 Dollars in Advertising With Paid Traffic



Why Would I Invest Over $1,250,000 Dollars
Of My Own Money Advertising This Product?


Because it converts. Plain and simple.

In fact, it converted on COLD TRAFFIC right out the gate!

After that, we began to test and optimize the crap out of it in order to get it to convert EVEN better.

(PS: this was all before I let a single affiliate promote it…)


Why Would I Spend Over a Year Advertising This Without Letting You And
All The Other “Heavy-Hitting” Affiliates In The Syndicate Promote it?


Couple reasons:

1) I wanted it to convert like crazy before I asked you to promote it

Personally, I’m not a fan of testing offers on affiliate traffic.

As an affiliate, I understand that my list is very valuable.

And I know that if I’m going to mail something, I want it to convert.

(I’m sure you probably feel the same way…)

So instead of asking you to mail to get an idea of how it converts…

I “ponied up” the cash to test and tweak it myself before asking you (or any other affiliate) to promote it.

That way, by the time you mail it.. you KNOW it converts.

(Plus, it’ll also make you a TON of CASH)

The other reason I haven’t opened this up to affiliates is because…

2) I have a stupid habit of doing things the hard way.


It literally HURTS to think about how much money I lost by not scooping up the easy commissions from affiliates for the past 5 years.

However, I decided to pass up the easy short-term commissions in order to build a long-term system that I can use to generate
hundreds of customers a day without ever having to beg or pester you to promote my product.

That way, I’m not obligated to promote stuff I don’t believe in just for the sake of getting some traffic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love collaborating and supporting stuff I genuinely believe in. However, the whole “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” thing is NOT my style.

Note: if you have a great product that converts and genuinely helps people, I’m happy to mail it out to my list so I can make some money  and re-invest it back into buying MORE traffic.

3) I was told that the best way to get affiliates is to create a killer funnel that converts on COLD traffic


When I hired my first coach several years ago, I asked him
how to attract a flurry of affiliates to promote my product.

Here’s what he said:

“The only thing you need to do to get affiliates is have a high converting funnel. If you have a high-converting funnel, everything else will take care of itself. Affiliates will find you and line up to promote you (and will even tell THEIR affiliates about you!)

So what did I do?

I went to work creating a KILLER offer that converts on COLD traffic


Because everyone told me that if you can get your offer to convert on cold traffic, it will convert like crazy on warm affiliate traffic.

And once affiliates mail it out and see that it converts, all the other affiliates will jump on board to get in on a “piece” of the action.

So that’s what I did….

And that’s exactly what happened.

For the past 12 months, I’ve had affiliates lining up to promote this.

I’ve been re-monetizing my list with their offers, sharing what I learned in the process,
and even helped many of them expand their paid traffic.

Time and time again, they offered to reciprocate with a mailing.

And time and time again, I said the same stupid excuse that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I really need to hurry up and launch my affiliate program already…”

But what did I do instead?

I just kept testing and tweaking the offer on paid traffic because
I was totally overwhelmed by the idea of launching a contest and
single-handedly managing all the affiliates while simultaneously
managing thousands of dollars a day in ad-spend.

Yes, it was tempting to have someone mail for me and bring in
an extra 5k-10k with one email blast.

However, the only thing that hurt more than thinking about all the money I lost
by not having affiliates was the thought of spending $3,000 dollars a day on traffic
and neglecting all the testing, tracking and optimization to make it profitable.

(Or at least that’s what I say to make myself feel better about
losing hundreds of thousands of dollars from affiliates!)

Anyway, that’s why I’m a bit “late” to the party…

But now that I’m here, I look forward to building a
mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you.

If you want to catch the “early comission wave”
before the official launch, here’s how you can
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PS: we pay you a minimum of $45.34 on EACH SALE

(And that doesn’t even count ANY of our upsells)

Once you factor in our 25% upsell/downsell take rate,
looking at an average order value of about $65-$105

So forget about all those measly $30 dollar commissions
you earn promoting $47 dollar products.

We pay you 75% of our $67 front-end offer
and 50% of our $97 and $47 upsells

If you want to sign up and catch the “early commission wave”
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PPS:  did I mention that we have 15+ killer swipes to choose from?

With so many unique hooks and angles, you are sure to find an awesome way to introduce this to your list.

Once you see how well this puppy converts, you’re going to want to stick it in your list of “go-to” promos anytime you need to quickly
generate some extra cash.