Attention: Ex-Back Affiliates

“You’re About to Discover A Fresh New Way To Monetize Your List
Without ‘Burning Them Out’ By Promoting 20 Different Ex Back Products”


If you’re like me, then you’re making some pretty good money promoting all the “ex back” offers.

After all, it’s a VERY emotionally driven niche that is DESPERATE to BUY.

In fact, many of them buy over 3-5 different ex back products desperately hoping to find some “new” golden nugget that wasn’t shared in the other ones.

But here’s the truth of the matter…

There’s TONS of people on your list that will NEVER buy a single “get your ex back” product NO MATTER what you SAY or DO.

It’s not because the copy isn’t good…

Or because the salesletter could be better…

In fact, it really has NOTHING to do with YOU

The reason they’re NOT buying is because THEY DON’T BELIEVE THAT IT WILL WORK FOR THEM

They have LOST HOPE of EVER turning things around…

Hell, even the ones who bought all the get your ex back products are slowly starting to realize that there’s not really much hope after all.

As I’m sure you know, it takes two people to make a relationship work. And despite people’s best efforts, sometimes its just not enough. It’s hard enough to change yourself, but it’s even harder to change an entire relationship dynamic single-handedly. And that’s why over 90% of people fail to actually get back with their ex.

And that’s where this product comes in…

It’s called “The Breakup Cure” and it’s all about getting over a break up.

This means it doesn’t interfere with any of the “get your ex back” products that you currently promote.

In fact, it’s a perfect transition as it speaks to the other side of the coin (getting over your ex and moving on with your life)

It speaks to a VERY real pain and it does so in a very non-confronting way (we spent A LOT of time fine-tuning this over the past 5 years and have tested it on over $250,000 worth of traffic).

The big hook is that you need to be happy on your own… with or without your ex.

By doing so, you’re more likely to get them back. And even if you don’t get back together, you’ll be fine either way.

It makes a lot of sense intuitively, and it’s also framed as a preparatory kind of thing to help them cope with the fear of losing their ex forever (which is their worst case scenario). This way, it’s not flat out telling them their relationship is dead and hitting all sorts of psychological defenses (which I’m sure you’re quite familiar with).

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick briefing on the actual offer itself so that you know where this fits in with your audience psychologically. That way, you can understand what it is and how to best position it to your list.

I’ve designed it to be a complimentary offer that plays well with all the get your ex back products so you can feel confident sticking this into your autoresponder sequence for the large majority of folks who will NEVER be able to save their relationship.

It’s truly a fresh new way to monetize your list in a way that you’re probably not currently doing now (which is a pretty rare thing to be able to say, I think). A lot of offers are more of the same, but this is truly a fresh new hook.

While everyone else is making bolder and ballsier claims about how some “new” discovery will help them get their ex back no matter how hopeless it seems… we simply offer people a solution that speaks to their fear and their worst case scenario… without overhyping the promises and telling them that this will work where all else is failed (talk about a tough sell!)

Cuz let’s be honest… you can’t REALLY get your ex back

(Or at least, not for very long…)

So when that time comes, just mail out this puppy and watch the cash roll in :)

Not only will your heart fill with excitement when you see the commissions, you’ll also feel good knowing that you’re actually helping people with what they need (but often refuse) to hear.

Once you see how well this puppy converts, you’re going to want to stick this in your list of “go-to” promos anytime you need to quickly generate some extra cash :)

You can stick it in your autoresponder sequence right after all those ex back offers

BTW: did I mention that we have over 15+ killer swipes to choose from?

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Email #1 is a good one to start with

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Email #2 is a great swipe  to follow up with as it gives people some more value and content up front.

(Note: his one gets a little less clicks but much more sales and higher EPC’s). Plus, the first email creates an open look for email #2 so they will come to expect it.

The third email is a warmer type introduction style email that mentions the author/creator behind the program and what it’s all about (a lot of folks like doing these types of emails because they’re more personal)

I included it for you too in case you like to do that.

I also customized this particular swipe by gender so there’s 1 for men and women

The first and second email is a solid 1-2 combo

The first 3 are the best for a campaign type promo

Then there’s also over 10+ other emails that you can use to promote this at any time.

With so many different hooks and angles, you are sure to find a killer way to introduce this to your list.

And guess what?

If you’re not sure of the best way to introduce it to your list, you can email me at and I’ll create some custom swipes for you.

Give this a shot and I promise that you’ll thank me when you see the commissions start pouring in :)

PS: once you promote this, you’ll forget about all those measly $30 dollar commissions you get promoting $47 products.

We pay you a minimum of $45.34 on EACH sale

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